Friday, April 01, 2011


STORIES OF THE DAY (Friday, April 1st)


Caroline Fayard- "I hate Republicans...They eat their young" GREENE DOESN'T EVEN LIVE IN THE DISTRICT (CAN'T EVEN VOTE!) 3 congressional plans headed for House vote EDITORIAL: Incumbent protection is at top of the list EDITORIAL: A new factor in the Capitol EDITORIAL: Louisiana must get past the fake fights about funding So much for peace in the House State budget proposal includes at least $400 million in new federal money Bill in Louisiana Legislature targets illegal immigrants College tuition increase urged Head of Louisiana retirees group says 'we're under seige" We've Become a Nation of Takers, Not Makers Only 7% Think Government Employees Work Harder Than Those in Private Sector Sen. David Vitter unveils GOP alternative to Obama energy plan Councilwoman credits Ray Nagin for her own 'chocolate' gaffe

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