Thursday, April 01, 2010


New Tea Party Website: 'Citizen Action Center' (Now Online for Legislative Session)


Please take a minute and check out the new Tea Party 'Citizen Action Center'

The official website of the Tea Party Political Action Committee is now online just in time for the opening of the Louisiana Legislative Session.

The Direct Link To The New Website Is:

The 'Citizen Action Center' includes:

1) Links to all of the websites of Tea Party organizations throughout the state.

2) A statewide calendar of upcoming events being held by the various groups.

3) Links to state governmental entities including the ability to watch the Legislature in action live.

4) A Voter Voice elected official contact system to facilitate direct and immediate input from citizens to their elected officials.

5) Links to Major Daily Newspaper Editors for immediate submission of 'letters to the editor.'

6) A 'listen Live' feature for talk radio programs including email addresses and call in phone numbers for the hosts.

7) Twitter Breaking Louisiana News Feeds

8) Links to the major political parties , the state campaign finance office and the state elections division.

9) Featured Tea Party Videos.

10) Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

(The website is a work-in-progress, so if you spot any error or deficiency please let us know, so that we may correct it for others.)

Again, The Direct Link To The New Website Is:


The Legislative Session is now in full swing. Please pay attention to the happenings at the Capitol. It is vitally important that our representatives know that we are watching!

Let them know how you feel. Send the politicians a message through our new 'Citizen Action Center' website.

Please don't sit idly by and expect things at the Capitol to work the way you want them to. Become a citizen lobbyist, a lobbyist for the people of Louisiana.




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