Friday, November 03, 2006


"A sense of pride and a spirit of patriotism"

"Voting for or against a candidate based on a few 30-second television soundbites is not a way of meeting the obligations of a free, democratic society."


It will continue to be the mission of this newspaper to urge such citizens to keep abreast of government and politics and aware of the ability and accomplishments of those who serve or seek to serve - and cast informed votes in every election. Good government happens when good people vote in an informed manner.

The right to vote is the basis of democracy. John Quincy Adams said "Where elections end, there slavery, begins."

Most of us feel a deep sense of satisfaction when we participate in an informed manner in the process that, above all others, is essential to the preservation of democracy and the American way of life.

We hope you approach the voting booth Tuesday with an understanding of the issues and offices, a sense of pride and a spirit of patriotism.

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