Friday, October 06, 2006


"We say bitch in church"

The state chairman of the New Black Panther Party calls Governor Blanco a "no-good bitch.”

By Jeff Moore

The state chairman of the New Black Panther Party didn’t stop at the Iberia Parish sheriff on Tuesday when assessing blame for the use of tear gas to break up a crowd last weekend on Hopkins Street.

The Rev. Raymond Brown also took shots at Gov. Kathleen Blanco, Mayor Hilda Curry, and local religious leaders for their inaction since the Sept. 24 incident. Brown said he sent Blanco a letter condemning the deputies’ actions, but has yet to receive a response.

“(The) governor,(to) use the expression, (is a) no-good bitch,” Brown said. “Now, that’s not a curse word. We say bitch in church. “She is no damn good, I’m gonna say it like this.”

Brown said Blanco should have been at Tuesday’s rally, suggesting she didn’t care about the residents who were affected.

“She’s gonna wait until (sheriff’s deputies) kill five people and a riot kicks out and CNN comes up, and then everybody’s gonna run,” Brown said.

Brown also criticized Mayor Hilda Curry for her inaction, referring to her as a “no-good politician.”

“You run around here and shake our hands on election day and smile in our faces,” Brown said. “All the while, you’re only using our votes.”

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