Thursday, October 26, 2006


Police Chief Faces Sentencing

Daily World
Jacqueline Cochran

OPELOUSAS - Former Opelousas Police Chief Larry Caillier is scheduled to be sentenced in federal court Monday.

Caillier earlier pleaded guilty to charges of filing a false claim in connection with federally funded bicycle patrols at the Opelousas Housing Authority.

While Caillier faces sentencing, his alleged accomplice, former police Maj. Ronnie Trahan, has had federal charges officially filed against him for his part in the alleged bicycle patrol scam.

Filed in federal court Tuesday were charges of aiding and abetting in the filing of a false claim for reimbursement on bicycle patrols that the OPD provided to the housing authority.

According to a state audit, "Maj. Trahan and Chief Caillier together received over 60 percent of total bicycle patrol revenue."

The department was paid $225,000 over three years to provide the patrols within the public housing areas of Opelousas.

Also according to that same state audit, Trahan said, "Caillier told him to make up names of officers and submit time sheets for them, if needed to bill the full $3,000 per month to the housing authority."

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