Tuesday, October 24, 2006


New Black Panther Nation Protest


The New Black Panther Nation held a protest on the steps of the Lake Charles Police Department Monday. While the protest was peaceful, it was not silent. The crowd chanted "black power, black power!" The group was protesting the shooting death of Trent Buckins, an
African American male that allegedly had a long criminal history and a history of mental illness.

Minister Quanell X of the New Black Panther Nation explains their stance. He said, "It was cold blooded murder. It was cold blooded killing. Too many African Americans are being abused, shot, tasered by the Lake Charles Police Department. The Lake Charles Police Department need to be mindful that they are servants of the people, and the people are not servants of them."

Quanell X said, "We can't trust the State Police because we saw during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans what the State Police will do for black people. We can not trust the Lake Charles Police Department to investigate themselves."

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