Friday, October 27, 2006


LRA- "Outrageous, Intrusive, Obnoxious Social Engineering"

By John Maginnis

Democratic Takeover Could Hurt, Help Louisiana

If the Democrats take over the U.S. House of Representatives on Nov. 7, Louisiana GOP congressmen Richard Baker and Jim McCrery would not get the chairmanships they are vying for. But the state could gain by passage of the offshore revenue sharing bill in a lame-duck post-election session.

That's because House Republican leaders could feel the urgency to pass some form of expanded energy legislation on their watch.

But the window will only be open briefly. The prospects in the next Congress for a bill expanding exploration and sharing revenue with coastal states is much bleaker if control of the House changes hands, according to both Democrats and Republicans, including Congressman Bobby Jindal, R-Kenner.

"If the Republicans lose, it will eliminate any chance of getting it done in the next Congress," he said. "We will absolutely have to get it done (before the end of the year)."

Challengers Gaining on Congressman Jefferson

A recent Ed Renwick poll shows challengers gaining on Congressman William Jefferson, raising the possibility that he will not run first in the primary or will even miss the runoff.

The Renwick poll done for business subscribers shows: Jefferson, 20 percent; Karen Carter, 15; Troy Carter, 15; Derrick Shepherd, 10; Joe Lavigne, 3.

The Multi-Quest poll for WVUE shows: Jefferson 19; Shepherd, 16.5; Troy Carter, 16.5; Karen Carter 14.5; Lavigne, 2. Multi-Quest also polls for Shepherd, which raised some questions about survey bias.

Legislators Will Have Their Say on LRA

Expect a heated meeting of the House & Governmental Affairs Committee next week, when it considers the rules governing the LRA board, its task forces and committees.

Grievances will be aired, according to committee member Rep. Peppi Bruneau, R-New Orleans, who calls the program "outrageous, intrusive, obnoxious social engineering, a walking disgrace created by a $600 million bureaucracy."

They Said It

"I want to make sure the state's not going to get run over by the same truck twice."

-Treasurer John Kennedy, expressing reservations about partial state financing of a second sugar mill

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