Monday, October 02, 2006




A column in Sunday's Baton Rouge paper about the State Inspector General had some very interesting observations. “We are a reactionary agency. We don’t go looking for something,” said [LA Inspector General Sharon] Robinson.

TRANSLATION: One cannot find something for which they don't look. OR Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

She goes on: But Robinson, who frequently talks to watchdogs in other states, said Louisiana’s reputation for corruption is overblown. “I see nothing worse here than I see anywhere else,” said Robinson, a Baton Rouge-area native who has spent 17 years checking the books of government agencies for irregularities. “I think a lot of it is urban legend,” she said.

TRANSLATION: As long as other states are just as corrupt as is LA, then it's okay to continue to tolerate corruption.F.Y. I. I checked with several of the Internet sites that explore, explode and explain "urban legends."

None of the sites had anything about corruption in LA being an urban legend. My opinion LA is not any more corrupt than the worst states in the U.S. However, LA is no better either.

What distinguishes LA from the other corrupt states is our high tolerance for it. We continue to elect the same people to public office, but expect things to change.

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