Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Legislative Special Election Results & PAC Info


Unofficial Sept. 30 Legislative Special Election Results--

In state House District 21, Andy Anders (D-Clayton) (49%) will face Samuel Thomas (D-Tallulah) (27%) in the November 7 run-off to fill the unexpired (one year) term of Rep. Bryant Hammett, and in state House District 97, Brian Egana (D-New Orleans) (44%) will face J.P. Morrell (D-New Orleans) (42%) to fill the unexpired (one year) term of Rep. Arthur Morrell.

Campaign Finance: State 10-G Report due by October 30 for LA PACs

The Sept. 30 primary election is over, but if your Louisiana PAC participated it will have a 10-G Campaign Finance Report to file by Oct. 30. The final reporting period runs from Sept. 11 through October 18, 2006 and the report is due even if your PAC did not contribute during the current period (but contributed in an earlier period). If your PAC participates in the November 7 general election, further reporting will be required through the end of this year (40-G Report due Dec. 18, 2006).

Federal PAC reports required for Congressional Elections Nov. 7 and Dec. 9

Don't feel left out if you have a federal PAC and have given to Louisiana candidates for congressional races--your filing days are nearing, too. A third quarter PAC filing is due by Oct. 15 for quarterly filers, and Pre- and Post-General Election reports are due on Oct. 26 and Dec. 2.

--Jimmy Burland, J.D. Visit: www.burland.org.

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