Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Jindal Discusses Government's Failings

By William Johnson

Louisiana's 1st Congressional District Congressman Bobby Jindal received a standing ovation from the Opelousas Noon Rotary Club Tuesday for his call for common sense in government.

During his hour-long talk, he discussed a host of issues such as on-going negotiations on his offshore royalty bill, efforts to rebuild the state following last year's storms, illegal immigration and changes that need to be made in light of the Florida Rep. Mark Foley scandal.

Jindal said he approaches that issue first as a father rather than as a Republican Congressman.

"I'm disgusted. There is no innocent explanation," Jindal said of his former House colleague. He said Foley's resignation is not enough. "Anyone who hid information or didn't take effective action needs to answer as well."

He used the Foley scandal as just one incident in a long a string of failings in the nation's capital.

"We need more common sense in Congress. They need to know they are there to serve us, not themselves," Jindal said.

Jindal, himself the son of an immigrant, also made a strong call for battling illegal immigration. He said amnesty isn't the issue - citizenship is.

"They need to learn our history, learn our values, learn our language - otherwise it could rip apart what it means to be an American," Jindal said.

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