Tuesday, October 03, 2006


"Griffon no doubt will be proud"

By Don Bertrand

Radio Conservative talk-host Moon Griffon has for several months covered the Secretary of State race in support of Mike Francis who has never held elected office other than through his affiliation with the Republican Party. Dardenne and Heitmeier have both served in the Louisiana Legislature.

Griffon took issue with their voting records and touted Francis as a new conservative voice, contrasting Francis with Dardenne and Heitmeier’s track record. Both have been term limited and are prevented from running in their present capacity.

That in and of itself is old news, but the voting outcome shows that where Griffon’s show airs, Francis either won those parishes or fared very well.

Francis won 31 of the 64 parishes in the State and Heitmeier and Dardenne split the remainder. Griffon has had difficulty in keeping programs on the air in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans area (less conservative) and that is precisely where Dardenne and Heitmier garnered their votes in large numbers.

Baton Rouge and New Orleans propelled them past Francis and on to the General Election in November.

Griffon no doubt will be proud and feeling his “Oats” in the coming weeks, and well he should. He is changing minds. Mike Francis should be proud as well for running a clean campaign.

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