Monday, October 23, 2006


Boasso to Make Announcement at 3pm Today


Sources tell THE DEAD PELICAN that the traditional (every four years) game of candidate "musical chairs" begins today with an announcement by state Senator Walter Boasso.

Faced with the demise of the Democratic party in La. and Blanco's popularity in the tank, the entrenched interests in control at the Capitol are panicked by the prospect of Bobby Jindal as governor, sources tell THE DEAD PELICAN. Insiders see the development of a possible Boasso candidacy as an effort to pull out all the stops to create a field of candidates to block Jindal, sources tell THE DEAD PELICAN.

Currently, Jindal is leading in all the polls by 2-1 with 60% of the vote over Blanco. The recent polls that include Boasso show him at 2% or less.

According to sources, some of Blanco's high ranking political appointees have been calling conservative opinion leaders and contributors around the state urging them to support Boasso, leaving many to wonder if there is a concerted effort by Blanco’s political team to convince Boasso to run for Governor in a thinly veiled effort to shave votes off of Jindal.

Sources tell THE DEAD PELICAN that Boasso is frustrated as a rank and file member of the state Senate and although he is testing the waters, he is not completely convinced that running for Governor is his only or best option. Other options for Boasso include pursuing a leadership position in the Senate or possibly another statewide office. The benefit of these other options is that his legislative voting record would not be subjected to the intense scrutiny of a Governor’s race, and he would avoid the perception of working to re-elect a very unpopular Gov. Blanco.

With Boasso’s candidacy not completely in the bag for the Blanco team, look for more surprise entrants as the race moves into 2007 and the staus quo gets more and more frustated.

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