Thursday, October 26, 2006




Effective this month, the leges got an “auto-magic” pay raise via their per diem payments going from $115 to $138 a day. That’s a 20% pay raise! They gave themselves a 20% pay raise without even a public meeting or a vote.

These per diems are paid to each lege for every committee meeting attended between lege sessions. During the lege sessions, leges get paid 7 days a week WHETHER THEY MEET OR NOT for the length of the session.

For the upcoming 2007 Regular Session, the leges will get an extra $1,380.00. That amounts to an extra $690 per month. During the 2008 Regular Session, the leges will get an extra $1,955.00.

When’s the last time you got an “auto-magic” 20% pay raise. When were your taxes cut “auto-magically”? When was the last time you got a tax cut at all? Most likely the only way you have gotten a tax reduction recently was when your income went down.

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