Monday, October 23, 2006


ACT scores reveal many La. grads not ready for college

By Barbara Leader

American College Test scores of Louisiana seniors are steadily on the rise, but 47 percent of high school graduates do not reach the minimum score necessary for admission to state colleges and universities.

Although grade-point averages can be considered in place of ACT scores for college admission, the results suggest that many graduates are not sufficiently prepared for college.

According to information released by the ACT Southwest Region and available at, only 18 percent of Louisiana's 2006 graduates were ready for college biology. Twenty-nine percent meet minimum standards for algebra, while 44 percent are prepared for college-level social sciences. The greatest degree of readiness is 67 percent in English Composition.

"Preparedness in these areas is greatly related to what the state's Board of Regent's CORE curriculum requires," said Sheila Armstrong, instructional specialist at the Ouachita Parish School System.

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