Thursday, April 13, 2006


"No city in our state is more in need of reform"- Blanco

The Associated Press

"No city in our state is more in need of reform," Blanco told the Senate Committee on Local and Municipal Affairs.

Committee members then peppered Blanco and ally Sen. Ann Duplessis with questions over Duplessis' measure that would merge the city's tax assessor offices — a proposal that has support from community and business groups in New Orleans.

Duplessis withdrew the measure after the questioning from Fontenot and committee chairman Sen. Cleo Fields, D-Baton Rouge. Duplessis said she would bring it up for a vote next week, prompting a complaint from Fields, who said he wanted to vote Thursday.

Rep. Arthur Morrell, D-New Orleans, an outspoken critic of Blanco's consolidation plans, is a candidate for one of the positions to be eliminated: criminal clerk of court.

Other positions to be eliminated would be natural next jobs for New Orleans legislators who are voted out of office or forbidden by term limits from running for re-election when their terms expire.

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