Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Trouble on the Horizon for Foreman?

The Dead Pelican
By Chad E. Rogers

Sources in Law enforcement have become concerned about Ron Foreman’s candidacy for New Orleans Mayor, THE DEAD PELICAN has learned.

Ron Foreman is the director of the Audubon nature institute, and is highly respected for his work there.

But a behind-the-scenes drama involving the institute’s funding is unfolding that could affect Foreman’s candidacy, sources tell THE DEAD PELICAN.

The concern centers around Allen “Benny” Cenac Jr., a sponsor of the Audubon Institute’s annual “Children’s Zoo to Do,” who has criminal charges against him pending.

In December of 2005, The Houma Daily Courier reported that Cenac stood accused of raping a four year old boy.

Criminal charges connected to the allegations included five counts of aggravated rape in Terrebonne and two in Lafourche, The Houma Daily Courier, reported.

Following months of investigation and testimony, grand juries in both parishes decided to "pretermit" -- or not make a decision -- in the case. The action of the grand juries did not clear Cenac, but without the appearance of additional evidence, he would not stand trial, The Houma Courier reported.

The boy’s parents also filed a civil suit against Cenac, in which a settlement was recently reached, sources tell THE DEAD PELICAN.

The criminal case is still pending.

A law enforcement official who was involved in the Cenac case approached THE DEAD PELICAN earlier this week. He and others in his field are upset about that Cenac is allowed to continue as a sponsor for the children's activity at the Audubon institute, in light of the pending charges against him.

They have voiced these concerns to Foreman, who continues to keep Cenac as a sponsor.

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