Thursday, March 16, 2006


"Rita amnesia"


Wednesday, Congressman Charles Boustany spoke before the House on behalf of Southwest Louisiana.

He says in the months following Hurricane Rita, residents saw little in way of assurrance because emergency response teams were already taxed with Katrina.

Boustany says he feels the people may have what he considers, "Rita amnesia"

Boustany says all the attention has been paid to Katrina and New Orleans, but there are lots of people in Southwest Louisiana who are suffering as a result of Hurricane Rita. He says there is lots of infrastructure damage, businesses trying to get up and running, people who are misplaced from homes and he's focusing his effort so that congress remembers Rita.

Boustany went on to say that Louisiana will be receiving over $19 billion to help with recovery.

$4.2 billion will go to help housing.

Boustany says that he will stress to everyone in congress that Rita must be remembered.

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