Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Republican Leaders Align Behind "One Candidate"


In an automated phone call to all Republican registered voters in Louisiana former Gov. Mike Foster urges party unity in support of Mike Francis.

Foster, former Governor Roemer and many other party leaders have joined in a strategy to help consolidate conservative support behind one candidate in the upcoming statewide race.

The "one candidate" stategy worked well in the election of U.S. Senator David Vitter, a race being used as the GOP blueprint for victory this fall and next.

Phone message from Foster:

"This is Mike Foster. Our next Secretary of State must be a lifelong businessman, not a lifelong politician.

He must be able to talk new jobs to business leaders all over our country. The Secretary of State must also fight to keep our elections honest and free from corruption.

As Republicans, we’ve always fought for corruption-free elections. And this is why we must unite behind Mike Francis.

I’m supporting Mike Francis for Secretary of State. He’s a businessman. Mike Francis will not tolerate corruption and dishonesty in elections and government.

This is Governor Mike Foster. As Republicans, let’s unite behind Mike Francis for Secretary of State."

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