Friday, March 17, 2006


Potential HD22 Shocker gives Democrats Hope


State Democrat operatives are “buzzing” about new potentially damaging information that has surfaced against Republican frontrunner Tony K. Owens.

Divorce records recently unearthed from 28th District Court in LaSalle Parish have revealed a violent side to Owens. It seems that Owens’ second ex-wife won a restraining order against the Republican candidate during their divorce proceedings after he continuously harassed her and she feared for her safety.

The Democrats have also been quietly planning to make Owen’s marital status an issue in the general election. They are certain that the conservative central Louisiana district will have problems embracing a candidate who has been divorced so many times.

The 22nd House District was once considered by Democrats as a lost cause after watching President Bush and David Vitter carry the district by large margins, but with this new damaging information coming to surface Democratic party leaders are gaining confidence by the day.

House District 22 covers Grant, LaSalle, Winn and a small portion Rapides Parish. Election Day is April 1.

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