Sunday, March 05, 2006



by Chad E. Rogers

Sources inside the capitol are abuzz about governor Blanco’s latest attempt to salvage her wrecked administration. The newest attempt to save face appears courtesy of a former Bill Clinton crony, and is all about transforming her image, THE DEAD PELICAN has learned.

Aided by James Lee Witt, the governor has undergone a major image shift since hurricane Katrina.

“Her handling of Katrina wrecked her image by making her look weak,” said an inside source.

Not long after Katrina, Blanco’s staff developed a series of talking points, claiming that the governor was a victim of gender bias. Denise Bottcher, Blanco’s press secretary, has told several media outlets that Blanco has suffered harsh treatment by the media because she is a woman.

The answer to this little problem? Make her look less feminine!

James Lee Witt and the gang are now trying to “butch her up,” said a source.

Her latest hairstyle is just one of the things they’ve done to make her appear less feminine and motherly. The "New Blanco" photo is from the March 04, 2006 press conference, where she responded to the AP video debacle, where she was caught saying that the levees were OK, even as the lower ninth ward was flooding!

At this press conference, we find Blanco’s hairstyle is more “square,” straighter and less full.

Blanco is also wearing glasses more often, along with a dour, stone-faced expression on her face. Her posture is less open and friendly. The Blanco crew is scrambling to make her appear tough, as she wages her “campaign against Washington,” which will be a key element in her second run for the governor’s mansion.

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