Friday, March 03, 2006


Money Talks... and Jay Walks

Documents Show Dardenne Raised Only $3,800 in 2005


Senator Jay Dardenne's recent decision to abandon his gubernatorial bid came just days before he filed a campaign finance report revealing he had raised only $3,800 during 2005.

Dardenne, a Baton Rouge Republican, plans to announce his candidacy for Secretary of State later this month. He faces former state Republican Party Chairman Mike Francis, a wealthy CEO and accomplished fund raiser who reportedly will put a million dollars of his own money into the race.

Republican leaders have begun lining up behind Francis, hoping to re-implement a strategy of fielding just one Republican candidate in each major race against the Democrats. The tactic resulted in unprecedented gains for the GOP in 2004.

This week, President Bush's Louisiana Campaign Manager, Jason Hebert, announced that he had joined the Francis campaign as Senior Advisor.

Yesterday, Francis was endorsed by former Legislator Auditor Dan Kyle. The Kyle endorsement strikes at the heart of the Dardenne organization since both men are from Baton Rouge and Kyle is the champion of the "good government crowd" that would presumably serve as Dardenne's political base.

In February, Francis received the endorsements of former Governors Buddy Roemer and Mike Foster.

Democrats Senator Sharon Weston Broome, Representative Carla Dartez and PSC Member Dale Sittig also are expected to make the race.

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