Wednesday, March 15, 2006


'I.Q.' name can't go on ballot

Judge rules it isn't a true nickname

By Bruce Eggler

Staff writer

A Civil District Court judge ruled Tuesday that one of seven candidates running for Orleans Parish assessor on the "I Quit" ticket cannot list "I.Q." as a nickname on the ballot.

All seven "I Quit" candidates have pledged that if elected they would forgo the $90,000 annual salary an assessor normally gets and use the money to hire a professional appraisal firm to handle property valuations. Their ultimate goal is to consolidate the seven assessor offices into one, a move that would require state legislation and voter approval. They have pledged to step down should such legislation be approved.

The seven have said the "I.Q." nickname, which they admitted they concocted for this race and by which none of them was previously known, is intended as a reminder to the voters of that pledge.

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