Friday, March 10, 2006



By Hector San Miguel

The newly elected Louisiana Democratic Party chairman says the party will fully back Gov. Kathleen Blanco in next year's election.

"We know where the people are, so what we are going to do is, through a series of telephone calls and direct mail, we are going to show them how they can participate in the election by absentee ballot or by one of these satellite precincts."

(Party chairman Chris) Whittington said the national Democratic Party is spending several hundred thousand dollars to make this happen. "They are very interested and very helpful," he said.

Asked about next year's governor's race, he said the party "absolutely" plans to back Blanco for re-election.

Whittington said he has been in discussions over comments made by Agriculture Commissioner Bob Odom that he was no longer supporting Blanco as governor and instead wanted to enlist former U.S. Sen. John Breaux to run.

"What the commissioner said is that at this second, in this day and time, he has some reservations that maybe she wouldn't be electable," Whittington said.

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