Wednesday, March 15, 2006



Louisiana Election Press-

Statement from Mayoral candidate Peggy Wilson at French Quarter fundraiser last night.

Speaking from a balcony overlooking Jackson square Wilson said:

This statue of Andrew Jackson is here to remind us of the triumphant Battle of New Orleans. The battle we face now is the Battle for New Orleans. The battle being fought out in this race for Mayor is a battle for the heart and soul of a city, our city… A battle pitting our corrupt political past against our opportunity for a dramatic change for the better in our future. We cannot allow a return of the payoffs, kickbacks, shakedowns and the culture of cronyism that have crippled our reputation and devastated our economic potential. We must demand a revolutionary change at City Hall…

If you believe a few cosmetic changes is all New Orleans needs, vote for my opponents…however, if you believe, as I, that New Orleans needs dramatic, bold and innovative change I’m your girl.

We cannot allow the return of the days of dope dealers, crack addicts, pimps, welfare queens and gutter punks. They should not be allowed to come back or stay in public housing. We should have zero tolerance for deadhead behavior in our city.

The battle for the future of New Orleans is upon us. To triumph we must join forces and demand immediate revolutionary change.

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