Sunday, March 19, 2006


$700,000 Worth of Ater Ads?


Television and radio commercials will hit the airwaves this week informing displaced New Orleans voters and others how they can go about casting absentee ballots in upcoming elections.

First Assistant Secretary of State Renee Free said that the outreach program is tailored to give nonpartisan information on how to vote if a Louisiana resident is out of state.

The commercials, which feature Secretary of State Al Ater, cost about $370,000 and will air in Louisiana markets as well as in states with the largest concentrations of displaced residents: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas.

Free said the secretary of state's office also is running newspaper ads with the same information in the largest cities in those states at a cost of $311,000.

Free said she had New Orleans entertainer Aaron Neville lined up to do the commercial free but a family problem cropped up and prevented Neville from doing it.

The New Orleans elections, set for April 22, will cost the state about $2.5 million, Free said, including the educational outreach media program.

LPNS COMMENTARY: Let's see, we have a Democrat Governor, a Democratic legislature, who passed millions in state taxpayer funding to run advertising aimed at finding and turning out hundreds of thousands of Democrat voters. These ads just happen to feature a Democrat Secretary of State. We also have a Democrat Clerk of Court (who is also running for Mayor) and a Democrat Registrar of Voters actually hiring commissioners and conducting the election.

That sounds pretty fair to us. Louisiana politics ain't it grand!

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