Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Termites in Blanco "Housing Recovery Plan"

by Steve Sabludowsky

On Monday, the former teacher, Gov. Kathleen Blanco outlined a $7.5 billion proposal to help Louisiana residents rebuild, repair or sell their hurricane-damaged homes, but the uncertainties and questions are scratching the blackboards and the deep despair is boring holes in our faith like termites.

After over six months since Hurricane Katrina, there is still nothing but anger and frustration for many homeowners and the total disgust is beginning to take a political toll on the many players involved.

While Governor Blanco stated during her address announcing the program "In the not too distant future, I predict the sounds of hammers and saws will be ringing through all of our communities as our homes are rebuilt," many current and former residents ask who will be doing the hammering and sawing?

The new Blanco plan does have a redeeming quality. The focus is on rebuilding Louisiana with healthier assistance should the homeowner stay in Louisiana. Unfortunately, with all of the question marks and brighter futures elsewhere, many are asking—why stay?

"This is not everybody´s dream house. This is a modest equivalent," said Andy Kopplin, executive director of the authority, who worked on the draft housing plans.
For some, it’s more like a nightmare.

With all the hoopla and wait, we really only have a big wish list, but no concrete plan and the natives are putting on war paint.

The bottom line—Louisiana residents have reason to believe that all levels of government either by their own actions or inactions have allowed the good people of the state to fall to the floor—and it will be a standing miracle if they ever manage to get up in one piece, given the political pests.

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