Monday, February 20, 2006



BREAKING NEWS! is reporting former Governor Buddy Roemer will endorse Secretary of State candidate Mike Francis. Just last week we broke the story of former Governor Mike Foster's upcoming endorsement.

Francis is expected to officially announce his candidacy before the end of the month.

Roger Villere, state GOP chairman stated at the last Republican State Central Committee meeting that he is working to unite Republicans behind one candidate in each major election.

He cited the same strategy implemented in 2004, resulted in unprecedented gains for the GOP and a near sweep of the major races.


Former Governor Buddy Roemer has added his name to the list of Republican leaders backing Mike Francis for Secretary of State.

The mantra of having only one Republican candidate in each major race has become so intense in GOP circles that it has even launched a new vocabulary word – “Vitterize”.

To Vitterize an election means getting one Republican against a field of Democrats. It is an obvious reference to the successful effort that kept other potential Republicans out of the US Senate race in 2004. This strategy is thought by many to have played an integral part in electing Senator Vitter.

Party leaders are working overtime to create scenarios that don’t put more than one Republican in any of the upcoming statewide elections.

Roemer joins a growing list of Republican leaders across the state, including former Governor Mike Foster, who are supporting Mike Francis for Secretary of State.

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