Thursday, December 01, 2005


Not Running Translates- Unaccountable to the People


"Announcing that you're NOT going to run is a new concept to me. Al Ater has spearheaded a new phenomenon in Louisiana politics, and did a great service to Louisiana's people by coming clean with them." -Chad Rogers Publisher of

LPNS COMMENTARY: We too would like to congratulate Secretary of State Ater for introducing this new concept to Louisiana politics. We hope that many others associated with the current regime will join him and possibly take it even a step further and resign immediately. The people of Louisiana would be extremely grateful!

By announcing that he is not running Mr. Ater has freed himself to decide not to hold the New Orleans elections until they round up enough Democrats to move back in to win. By announcing that he is not running he is free to purchase $40 million worth of voting machines from the same company involved in the scandal that sent a former Elections Commissioner to prison.

By announcing that he is not running Mr. Ater does not have to worry about what the citizens of Louisiana think about his actions. He is a "lame duck" free to do whatever he wants without any accountabilty to the voters.

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