Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Odom Poll: Jindal Creams Breaux!

by Dan Richey

Bob Odom, the defacto head of the Louisiana Democrat Party, caused a stir last month when he pronounced an end to the Blanco for re-election efforts in favor of his candidate, former U. S. Senator John Breaux (D - D.C.).

Odom said Ms. Blanco was alright, but that we needed new leadership.

He said he was conducting a poll to present to Breaux in hopes of coaxing the Edwin Edwards protégé to abandon easy street in Washington, D.C. to save Louisiana from the Republicans.

A source close to Odom has leaked the results of the Democrat poll.

It ain’t looking so good for Breaux or for that matter, Odom. Jindal: 48%; Breaux 42%; undecided 10%.

You haven’t heard a peep out of Odom or Breaux since the poll.

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