Friday, March 10, 2006



by Chad E. Rogers

Sources on the New Orleans campaign trail claim that Mitch Landrieu has already made himself a target for mud-slinging, THE DEAD PELICAN has learned.

The latest stink concerns Landrieu’s latest TV campaign ad, which features footage of him “helping” victims of hurricane Katrina.

Some are mocking the video, calling it "Mitchcraft."

Would be opponents will say that his junket into the Katrina war zone was intended as nothing more than a ploy for a campaign commercial.

"Running against Mitch's propaganda" is one strategy being cultivated by his oposition, sources tell THE DEAD PELICAN.

Mitch's enemies see an opportunity, and they are salivating!

The 60-second ad, slickly produced by Media consultants Marmillion Gray and Sabistion, is a slick, well-polished job.

The commercial features Mitch Heroically coming to the rescue of Katrina victims, no sweat on his brow, and in full makeup.

The title of the ad is “leadership.” Opponents intend to raise the question: “Why did Mitch take a camera crew and makeup artists with him shortly after Katrina hit?”

We’ve seen the ad, although it is mysteriously absent from his web site, and is not available for viewing there.... and why is that?

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