Saturday, February 18, 2006


Senator says relationship 'sexual'


by Ginger Gibson, Chief Staff Writer

A state senator told The Daily Reveille the "sexual relationship" between Board of Supervisors Chair Bernard Boudreaux and University of Louisiana System President Sally Clausen could mar the search for a new LSU System president.

Sen. Robert Adly, D-Benton, said Friday that Clausen should not apply for the position of LSU System president because of the negative public perception caused by Clausen's and Boudreaux's relationship.

Adly said possible candidates could be deterred from applying if they think they are competing with "someone who has a sexual relationship with the chairman of the board."

Clausen has been rumored as a possible candidate to replace President William Jenkins, who announced his resignation last week.

Boudreaux and two other board members named a search committee a day after Jenkins announced his resignation.

University faculty and students have spoken out against the composition of the committee and the haste with which it was formed.

Clausen sent a letter to Adley and Sen. Barham, R-Oak Ridge, stating she would not rule out applying for the LSU System president position.

Boudreaux said he would contact The Daily Reveille later for comment. He had not returned phone calls by Friday evening.

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