Thursday, February 23, 2006


Most folks are just 'fed up'

by Rolfe McCollister

Between hearing Gov. Kathleen Blanco whine about Washington, D.C., Pres. Bush waffle on promises, legislators squabble over levee boards, Mayor Ray Nagin's desire for a chocolate city, evacuees complaining about hotel accommodations or the cost of propane, and FEMA wasting our tax dollars--people are getting fed up!

We know all too well the catastrophic nature of Katrina and Rita. We lived it. And while life will never be the same for any of us--life does go on. Welcome to 2006. The present. The future.

Katrina and Rita are part of our past. Deal with it.

Our elected leaders have failed miserably. Worse, we are still without a plan, still wandering in circles. It has been pathetic and an embarrassment to our state as the nation watches.

The levee board fight is childish and reflects the age-old issues of parochialism and small-mindedness that have divided our state and held us back. It is doing it again.

Poor Mayor Nagin, who melted faster than a Hershey bar on asphalt in August. Chocolate city? According to God?

Nagin recently apologized, telling a New Orleans crowd, "I'm not a typical politician. I'm more of a problem-solver, a leader and a visionary."

No, he's a chocolate bar with nuts! New Orleans is lucky to have viable candidates challenging Nagin in April. But this nation will believe voters are just as looney if they re-elect him.

This election must be about the future, not preferred flavors.

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