Thursday, February 23, 2006


Isn't that SPECIAL??

by Dan Richey

You know things are bad when one of the few “achievements” of a special legislative session is legalizing and increasing voter fraud opportunities in New Orleans. How’s that for cleaning up our image?

Let’s examine the Blanco/Democrat election initiatives of the special session:

Absentee Voting. The most fraudulent aspect of the federal “Motor-Voter” Act of 1995 was allowing voter registration by mail. Requiring a voter to register in person for the great privilege of casting a ballot was just too arduous for the party of Bill Clinton.

There is no telling how many thousands of fraudulent voters have been registered in America since 1995. If you examine the voter registration files in New Orleans, for instance as I have, you will find numerous instances where dozens of voters are registered at the same address.

The address is not a residence, but rather a staging area where unscrupulous political organizations registered so-called voters by mail. Thanks to the powers that be at the Capitol, these voters, whether they actually exist or not, will be eligible to vote in the New Orleans elections in April. How’s that for restoring voter confidence?

Regional Voting. Thousands of former New Orleans residents will never return to the Big Easy – but that won’t keep them from voting there. They can either vote by absentee ballot or go to one of several “satellite” voting locations throughout Louisiana, compliments of our “civic-minded” (read: vote-hungry) Governor and Legislature.

Numerous articles have shown that thousands of New York City retirees living in South Florida vote in person there and by absentee ballot in New York City, thus having two votes for President. This fraudulent pattern will be duplicated by former New Orleans residents living in Texas and other states.Two U. S. Senators from Louisiana in my lifetime have been elected under a cloud of impropriety – Russell Long in 1948 and Mary Landrieu in 1996. Long’s occurred in Plaquemines Parish; Landrieu in Orleans.

The Governor and Legislature should be doing everything possible to increase, not lessen, voter integrity. Louisiana has no system in place to determine if out of state absentee voters are, in fact, doubly registered to vote in their current state, also. If the Legislature wanted to protect voters, they would draw up reciprocal agreements with other states immediately! Louisiana citizens must demand honest elections.

There have too many shenanigans already.

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